Environmentalist paranoia

So they had a little anti-environmentalism saiance in the Senate today. What else is new? After all, statements like this:

"They are really liberals. They're all strong pro-abortionists, they´re all pro-gun control people, flying under the flag of environmentalism."

or this:

"increases in global temperatures may have a beneficial effect on how we live our lives."

qualifies you for the head of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, right? So, I went and read some of the transcripts, and wow even I wasn't prepared for the Horowitzan paranoia sparking from 406 Dirkson this morning. Here's a sample from Sen David Vitter's (R-LA) opening statement:

"However, ALF vandals spray-painted slogans over several walls and cabinets, destroyed several pieces of expensive laboratory equipment, and generally trashed the entire laboratory causing an estimated $250,000 worth of damage to the property. Research in the laboratory was suspended for about a year as repairs were made. Even more concerning, the faculty and staff suffered fear and depression from ALF’s attacks. This psychological harm was considerable and the people working in the facility feared for their safety."

But not only was the ALF responsible for an increase in Paxil perscriptions in Louisiana; like Hamas or the LSU LGBU they're recruiting our youth:

"Sending news of the attacks to an LSU student newspaper, reveals how ALF intentionally targets young members for recruitment. It is necessary to prevent our youth from recruitment by these terrorist activities."

oh, yeah, and a whole bunch of mice had to be killed after the mayhem in the animal room, but let's not stray off-subject, which is to show how environmentalism = abortionist gun-control = terrorism =

"It is only a matter of time until these attacks by domestic terrorists involving arson result in human deaths."

Death, yes death, just like what almost happened in a Maryland subdivision...except that wasn't eco-terrorism. But on to John Lewis' testimony:

""There is nothing else going on in this country over the last several years that is racking up the high number of violent crimes and terrorist actions,"

That hole in the ground in lower Manhattan is now almost filled, and errant Cesnas only sometimes cause mass evacuations of DC, but what's worse? Clearly, environmentalists turned psycho who desparately need to be elevated to axis-of-domestic evil status along with:

"right-wing extremists, KKK, anti-abortion groups and the like."

Abortion? Did I hear abortion? Senator global-warming-is-fun Inhofe perks up at the mention of that:

"Just like al-Qaida or any other terrorist organization, ELF and ALF cannot accomplish their goals without money, membership and the media,"

Indeed, and where do they get that money? Here's where it gets really spookey, enter David Martosko from the Center for Consumer Freedom:

"Those who engage in “direct action” crimes, such as starting fires, detonating bombs, threatening lives, and stalking innocent people, receive demonstrable cooperation and assistance—both rhetorical and financial—from an above-ground support system."

Aha! Liberal, pro-abortion, pro-gun-control people!

"HSUS [Humane Society of the United States], PETA, and PETA’s quasi-medical affiliate, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), are troubling examples of animal-rights charities which have connections to their movement’s militant underbelly....any organization funding a bona fide FBI designated terrorist group should not be permitted to claim that it is not, in fact, funding terrorism. That logic would never pass muster if the terrorist group in question were Al Qaeda....I urge this Committee to fully investigate the connections between individuals who commit crimes in the name of the ALF, ELF, or similar phantom groups, and the above-ground individuals and organizations that give them aid and comfort. I would also urge members of this Committee to prevail upon their colleagues to re-examine the tax-exempt status of groups that have helped to fund—directly or indirectly—these domestic terrorists."

[and support Center for Consumer Freedom's tax-exempt status] There you have it: you think you're saving puppies by donating to the humane society, in reality you're tickling terrorism's shadey underbelly and providing Bin Laden al Zarkawi with aid and comfort.

OK, honestly folks (no joking): ALF and ELF do some stupid things and I'm not a fan, but al Qaeda they're not: not even close. Can we trust a man like this:

to not turn this into an environmentalism witchhunt?