Nothin' to tell ya...

"Let the words be yours I am done with mine."
--Grateful Dead

I need to transport a notch filter one way and an amplifier and stereotax the other, set up said notch filter, figure out a way to load double-barrel pipettes without breaking them, think about data that's over a year old, etc., you get the picture. Besides, I really don't have much to talk about. All I could find so far today was this drivvel in the Mooney Times. And honestly, it's such a trite and worn subject these days: Europe's not living up to its Kyoto obligations and hence Bush's strategy of doing the anti-Kyoto is clearly superior. Because Great Britain and Germany are trying to bring Portugal and Spain and a few others to compliance, the only wingnuttian conclusion to be drawn is: Kyoto is dead and all those alarmists were wrong! Blah, boring, even in light of this quote from Bush's radio address:

"This strategy will...help global energy consumers like China and India reduce their own use of hydrocarbons..."

Classic: we get them to lower consumption so you don't have to! Oh well, until something else comes along, rest assured that I will not cease to try to think up witty blog posts:

thinking about SFWHOW readers 24-7

Update: oh, yeah, sure there's the Newsweek "scandal" carousing the internets at this time, but there's many better writers to read on that one, like the links in the sidebar which is located either immediately to the right if you're on a Mac or all the way down and to the right if you're on a PC. I will attend to that problem later, but for now check it out: I alphabetized the links and added a few recently! More to come! Anyway, back to the Newsweek story: the one thing I find intrigueing is that the international press (including Spiegel, which seems to run one anti-Bush-policy article per day) didn't really pick up on the protests in Afghanistan last week. The big story was Uzbekistan (for updates go to upyernoz, link in the sidebar) last week. In fact, it was primarily Fox News that reported on the protests in Afghanistan until Newsweek retracted the source but not the statement yesterday. I find it rather odd that pro-Bush Fox ran the story only to come out on Sunday night with the Newsweek "apology." Setup?