oil-drenched former Trotskyist popinjays

Ah, the Brits. Yesterday Galloway almost brought Abnormal Coalbedmethaneman to tears

Today, Nature came out with this editorial:

"Suppose that one was charged with the task of framing US energy legislation from scratch...
One top priority, endorsed at both ends of the political spectrum, would undoubtedly be to reduce the United States' large and growing reliance on imported oil. Another — which unfortunately benefits from no such political consensus — would be to stabilize and then to reduce the nation's greenhouse-gas emissions. A third priority would be to support a balanced programme of energy-related research and development at a level commensurate with the massive scale of the US energy business, not to mention its long-term strategic importance....
But judging from the version of the bill passed by the House of Representatives last month, none of these concerns are being properly addressed by the Congress."

Yes, but you must understand that here in the US, it's not about wise policies:

"The impression continues to grow that the president and congressional leaders want to win on the Alaskan refuge primarily to rile environmentalists, rather than to obtain oil."