time to start planning that summer vacation!

Now that we know that the terror alerts were all a bunch of BS (as if we didn't know that by now!), it's safe to fly the friendly skies again!

I mean, I know it's tough out there for the airlines, with all the low-cost competitors competing again large established intercontinental airlines, not to mention the occasional surface-to-air missile, and surely "niche" markets need to be developed and all, but seriously now, is this:

the optimal vacation destination? I heard hotels are cheap there right now if you survive the trip from the airport to downtown in your armored hotel shuttle bus.

"Mr Al-ani, who is based in Scotland and has lived in the UK for 25 years, said: 'We hope to be the first to get direct flights to Iraq and beat British Airways to it.'"

I'm sure he'll beat the competition by years! Let's hope his pilots are trained in the vertical approach pattern that's so popular over there right now and that they stuff the seatpockets with lots of puke bags!

Maybe the noz could consider a trip to this former axis of evil country if Syria doesn't work out....