As detailed by Carl Zimmer, nothing, absolutely nothing is safe from hyper-politicizing wingnuts anymore:

"On Thursday I predicted that pundits would make the rediscovery of the Ivory-billed woodpecker an opportunity to criticise predictions that humans are causing mass extinctions--while conveniently ignoring evidence that goes against their claims. Today I came across the first case I know of..."

Well, it'll be hard, hard work, but we'll scour the internets for gems about this breaking story as reported by the Hindrackers (uhm, yeah, not the you know who's), Limbaughs and the little green fascists.

Maybe I'll start with NewsMax, just because they mentioned woodpeckers during the 2004 election:

"Notice that to preserve nature they DON'T tax Birkenstock hiking boots and Ying-Yang pendants - but DO tax my shotgun. They DON'T tax Yoga manuals and Tofu tid-bits wrapped in recycled paper - but DO tax my 30.06 rifle. They DON'T tax binoculars or birding Field Guides with cutesy photos of the red-cockaded woodpecker and spotted Owl - but DO tax the shotgun shells I blast at Mallards before arraying on my grill as Duck-K-Bobs..."

And they DON'T tax the empty beer cans and styrofoam coolers Humberto Fontava dumps in the woods....OK, I'll briefly end it for now, I'm sure this is not the last we heard of woodpeckers this spring.

via Pharyngula