EU Non!

To hear the right talk about today's EU constitution vote in the Netherlands and Sunday's vote in France, you'd think that Europeans just voted to give absolute control over their armed forces to the President of the US as long as he's a Republican. Take John Hindracker (formerly referred to here as Hindrocket, not Heinrich) who went so far as to make a red-state blue-state analogy...

This comparison was made by other right-wing blogs as well.

...until one of his own buddies corrected him: "The oui areas--Brittany, Alsace, the central city of Paris and the department including Neuilly just to the west--have this in common: they are the areas most supportive of the party of the right." Eh, yeah, just a slight complication to that train of thought. He might have forgotten that Chirac is not a socialist, but whatever.

Then there was a guy from the Heritage Foundation who bloviated on CNN just now about how great this will be for the US when Chirac and Schroeder and all those others are defeated in upcoming elections, ha, ha. Well, does he really want a socialist majority in Paris? In fact,

"[The EU Constitution] would give the 25-nation bloc a common president and foreign minister, even as individual countries retain their elected governments. It would also provide greater coordination among national police and security forces, a potential boon to U.S. anti-terrorism and other security goals."

All I'm saying is dudes: you wingnuts should want the EU constitution ratified, not the other way around. Get your message straight, alright?