Bush the magic easter bunny

“I think that part of education is to expose people to different schools of thought.”
--George W. Bush, speaking of "intelligent design" education the same day he wound up appointing John Bolton to the UN. The guy's on a roll! Or maybe he's on something else. White rabbit?

"The Goddess Eostre had a special fondness for children. They followed her wherever she went, as she loved to sing and entertain them with magic. One day, while sitting in a garden with her young entourage, a lovely songbird fluttered down to sit on her hand. She whispered a few words, and the bird was transformed into her favorite animal, the rabbit. This delighted the children, until they noticed that the rabbit was trembling with fear and anguish. That's when everyone realized how unhappy the rabbit was at this transformation, as it could no longer sing nor soar into the sky. Instead, it had been changed into a mute, defenseless, unhappy creature, unable to defend itself against predators, be they animal or human. The children begged Eostre to reverse the spell, but having broken the "as ye harm none, do as ye will" rule, she found her power diminished to a point where she was no longer able to do so. Thus the former bird must remain a rabbit for the most part of the year. Except at the onset of spring, when Eostre's power is at its height, then the rabbit can return to its bird-form for a short while and lay its eggs. In celebration of its brief freedom and to reward the children who asked the Goddess to undo the spell, Eostre's rabbit carries its eggs to children throughout the world. To remind the world of her folly, Eostre herself etched the outline of a rabbit into the face of the full moon, where you can see it facing left with its ears going back
to the right. Thus it soars safely against the sky, far removed from the perils that threaten it down here on Earth."

-- The Legend of Eostre

That Eostre was one intelligent designer and teaching about her would certainly represent a different school of thought. Heck, if the theory of Eostre were taught in schools, it would also teach students some astronomy as well! Class, next week's theory is how these days Ra spends more time than usual on Matet because Apep tires him out too much at night and this is the cause of global warming.

Folks, this isn't some hillbilly Congressman talking about intelligent design but the leader of the frickin' free frickin' world, leader of the country that boasts the most significant progress in medical and other research saying our kids ought to be taught quasi-evolution.