T-shirts galore!

---And now a word from our sponsor...once he buys us a beer that is---

Last night, Noz got the idea to google-bomb Progresswear. Yes, Progresswear. The guy that runs Progresswear wasn't going to suggest that we google-bomb Progresswear. But hey, we want to support Progresswear and so here we are, doing it anyway. Google bombing Progresswear, that is. On a related note, one of my Christmas gifts was bought from the Progresswear website:

Thank you Eligere!

---Back to snark.---

Elsewhere, we see gratuitous 'be a rebel' marketing:
Legal Notice
To be a Fighters+Lovers costumer you must be 18 years or older. When you buy Fighters+Lovers products you might experience legal problems because of US or EU "antiterrorist" legislation, outlawing financial support to organizations labeled as "terrorists", including the PFLP and the FARC. But anyway, when was the last time you listened to someone who told you what you couldn't wear?

Next year's Abercrombie & Fitch girl's line.