Pre-Katrina mentality

Unlike some wingnuts, I actually watched the webcast of Al Gore's speech and was impressed by how he put things into a historical perspective, admitting that it's a natural reaction to call global warming "alarmist."

The fake controversists are getting ever easier to debunk, but their aim is still the same as it has always been: confuse the issue and waste time that could otherwise be used to find solutions.

But after years of watching these simpletons force a fake "controversy" over climate science into the public sphere, I believe what we're witnessing is a "pre-Katrina" mentality rearing its ugly head one last time before being written up as one of the more shameful chapters in history. Yes, I know Katrina didn't kill New Orleans, New Orleans killed New Orleans. And I also know that the global warming - hurricane link is still developing. But in the face of having lost one city and the possibility of losing up to a half-dozen more it would be wise to change our thinking and that's exactly what Al Gore's message is all about.

Just like shedding the "pre-911 mentality" taught the country to be aware of the threat of terrorism, so too shedding the "pre-Katrina mentality" should keep the country on its toes, coming up with solutions to the ever-growing threat of global warming. The lies need to stop and we need to figure out solutions: that is the post-Katrina mentality.