Prince's Phauxtography.

Well we was all sittin' 'round the teevee watchin' the superbowl halftime show when we saw a side of Prince we never knew existed--'n we don' mean his newfound faith, if you know what I mean.

It was obvious. We all had a chuckle 'bout it, along with prolly millions of people 'round the country. So comin' home after a long ride from the friends 'n family 'n all, I go to the newsphotos online to see if I can recapitulate that moment of manliness 'n what do I see to my surprise?

Smoke and mirrors.

No more manliness. It seems the press wants to emasculate the "symbol". First they photoshopped out "the nipple" now it's a storm-drenched watermark on canvass. What's next? No more closeups of players' butts squeezed into those tight uniforms? Damn.

This guy saw it too and kindly linked to this site which provided us with the first (un-photoshopped) photo. Our camera was back at our place at the time or else we'd have taken the picture ourselves. Speaking of cameras, shouts out to the parents for the new camera they sent just in time for my birthday.