Look who's talking now...

If it's not oilmen, it's automobile industry wankers:
Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, told reporters in a preview of the hearing that he doesn’t support increasing fuel-efficiency standards, known as CAFE, to cut back on carbon dioxide emissions.

“I think we have carried fuel efficiency about as far as we can,” he said.

The US, after having done all it could, will henceforth do no more.
Dingell said he didn’t know the best alternative to CAFE for reducing gasoline consumption.

“I don’t now have an alternative,” he said.
Yup, there's nothing, Nothing! at all that we could even consider doing at this point.
Despite concern in the environmental community that Dingell will drag his feet, he insisted yesterday that he is committed to producing a climate-change bill that requires all greenhouse gas emitters to pay their fair share.
“Everyone will have to put the appropriate contribution in the collection box,” Dingell said.
Just as long as the auto industry doesn't have to contribute nearly as much as others.