Global Warming Fauxtography

WTF? Seriously D0bleww-T33-3FF?
The CBC decides to add some dramatic effect to a story about global warming by changing the coloration this picture of the Toronto skyline. And they didn't even bother to change the file name from the original. Oh, and those smokestacks? Torn down in 2006.

Oh what a difference photoshop can make! ...

UPDATE: To clarify, this seems like an attempt to make the air look more polluted than it actually is and to somehow link that pollution to global warming. Color changing, per se, is not considered 'out of bounds' for journalists, but only minor tweeking and for enhancement reasons.

The color in this photos seems to have been 'enhanced' in such a way as to mislead the reader into thinking that this is the actual color of ths skyline in Toronto.
I'm so, so torn by the manipulative media. One moment I believe in global warming:

The next moment I somehow have my doubts:

Good thing there's sites like Small Dead Animals to help me spot this commie conspiracy.

And Ace of Spades, who likely deserves another logo update for this one:
But how about the intentional blackening in the upper left hand corner? That actually matches up the dark blue area of the unaltered pick (not the empty sky) because the photo has been cropped, but even tinging from blue to brown should shift dark blue to dark brown -- not black. [...]

My bad, sort of, on the remark about "blackening" the clouds. Again -- sort of. Jawa's manipulation, which is not merely color correction but increasing the opacitiy by 50%, results in clouds that are almost (but not quite) black.

But how about the intentional blackening in the upper left hand corner?