Happy Earthday. BWAHAHA!

Max Schulz:
What are the myths propagated by the Church of Environmentalism? Consider the pronouncements from the greens' "Vatican": Last Earth Day, Greenpeace USA exhorted its followers to action because "our forests are being destroyed at an unprecedented rate." More, we must switch to "clean alternative" energies like wind power, because "we all know that fossil fuels contribute to global warming."
Clearly, Greenpeace must be wrong.
According to the Forest Service, we have actually seen a net reforestation since 1985. We aren't losing forestland, we're gaining it.
"Forestland" vs viable oldgrowth forests:

More, alternative fuels can be as land-hungry as agriculture. The typical 1,000 megawatt coal or nuclear plant might sit on a few acres. To generate the same amount of electricity with renewables would require 60,000 acres for a utility-scale wind farm, or about 11,000 acres of photovoltaic cells capturing the sun's light.
"A few acres"...plus a few mountaintops.