more guns solution

Mike gets it right:
Instapundit is arguing that, had the Virginia Tech students been armed, fewer students would have died. Even if this were correct, it ignores all of the other times students would have guns. Do you really think drunk college students should be carrying? [...]

This is the same sort of fantastical thinking that typifies much of the modern conservative movement. Of course, at that moment, you would probably be safer. Your home would also be less likely to be burglarized if troops were quartered in it, but there are some good reasons why we don't do that. What is missing from Instapundit's idiocy is any serious thought about all of the ramifications. And if that sounds anything like our foreign policy...
Once it was clear that the shooter was neither muslim nor an illegal immigrant, wingers rolled out the 'more guns' solution. Had VTech not recently banned concealed weapons from its campus, we surely coulda nailed that motherfucker sooner!

But would professor Reynolds really feel safer teaching at a university that allows those with concealed weapons permits to pack heat? I'm not sure I'd choose to teach at a university that allows that sort of thing, personally. The argument is further elaborated here as one in which everyone at the college is nothing more than sitting ducks to the crazies with guns. Therefore, we need to arm more people who can respond to the crazies.

Who does the police shoot at when they arrive at the scene? Would there be certain areas where no one would be allowed to carry weapons, such as labs or animal facilities? Since supposedly every other area of the campus is safe due to the high percentage of rational people carrying guns, wouldn't we all become sitting ducks in those locations where no guns would be allowed? And when the shooting starts, would we feel safer in the crossfire between two shooters rather than trying to run from a single whacko?

This incident isn't going to reverse our national obsession with guns. Though clearly I feel it should. The best we can hope for, however, is that our nation's colleges and universities don't turn into the O. K. Corral.