Alternate reality planet

What a fabulous day of wankery this has turned out to be. Listen, these minor complaints by leftist anti-capitalists really don't amount to much...
Previous research has shown that the core proponents of global warming delusionism including Stephen Milloy, Fred Singer and Fred Seitz got their start as shills for [Phillip Morris], denying the risks of passive smoking. A string of rightwing thinktanks including Cato, the Alexis de Tocqueville Institute and the Competitive Enterprise Institute helped to promote these hacks and the lies they were paid to peddle.

Now it’s turned out that one of the hardiest of parallel universe beliefs, the claim that Rachel Carson and the US ban on DDT were responsible for millions of deaths in the third world, arises from the same source.
I mean, c'mon, who cares if DDT isn't actually banned and mosquitos become resistant to it. It's just too damned tempting of a story not to hype it. Besides, you never know...it might be true...

Indeed. And an ounce of prevention against the hypocrites on the left who receive millions of dollars from environmental groups and George Soros to incessantly fly across the country in private jets is definitely worth a pound of cure to poor starving bloggers who might get forced out of their SUVs.

Let's face it, in the end we just don't need to know about DDT, global warming or mad cow disease. We have our own experts like H. Sterling Burnett, Ph.D. who can teach us that regulating air quality is far more damaging than asthma could ever be and Iain Murray Dr David Goodman, Lindzen Distinguished Professor of Science History, Monckton University providing us with a brief glimpse into our better living through coal future:

Come join us in alternate reality planet. Don't forget to bring the Kool-Aid!