Apples, oranges, etc.

Some days you're forced away from the internets for a while, come back, check out what's new and realize...you've not missed much. And it's time for a stiff drink.

In attempting to show that the Iraq war ain't all that bad, Gateway Pundit pulls this gem out of his ass:
There have been remarkably low fatalities in the Iraqi Freedom campaign- considering it is war. In fact, just this month the losses in Iraq and Afghanistan combined passed the halfway mark of military fatalities during the Clinton Years.
Wow! They must have all committed suicide because the Clenis was so, so bad.
It puts things into perspective.
Don't expect this grim milestone to be reported by the mainstream media any time too soon.
It sure does put things into perspective. Hell, while we're in a comparing mood, here're some other things that might put things into perspective:

There now, doesn't that make you feel better?