Carbon is Life!

After the smashing success of their "Carbon is Life" campaign, the Competitive Enterprise Institute is launching a crusade against...washing machines?

[video link]

I could just imagine what the CEI would have done had they been around at the time when the flush toilet became mandatory in most areas...
You used to be able to buy a really good bedpan and build a really good outhouse for a few pennies, but then the government issued new rules to make them more "sanitary". Sure they said this might raise the price, but they claimed we'd save money by being less susciptible to cholera. And they promised that our excrement would be flushed away just as well. But doesn't that make you suspicious? If there's a better type of outhouse, why do we need a law forcing us to buy it? Well anyway, those new rules took effect this year, and guess what, those new "flush toilets" don't flush newsprint! That's not my opinion, that's what Consumer Reports says. In their words, a really good flush toilet and indoor plumbing might cost you a thousand bucks or more! So for you folks who hate having to pay Rolls Royce prices just to take a crap, send your bedpans to the Undersecretary of Health!