Clinton's foundation has created an arrangement among four energy service companies and five global banking institutions that will result in major environmental upgrades in the cities, which include New York, Chicago, Houston, Toronto, Mexico City, London, Berlin, Tokyo and Rome.

"If all buildings were as efficient as they could be, we'd be saving an enormous amount of energy and significantly reducing carbon emissions. Also, we'd be saving a ton of money," Clinton said.

The planned projects include replacing heating, cooling and lighting systems with energy-efficient networks; making roofs white or reflective to deflect more of the sun's heat; sealing windows and installing new models that let more light in and keep the elements out; and setting up sensors to control more efficient use of lights and air conditioning. [...]

The other cities taking part in the building plan are Mumbai, India; Karachi, Pakistan; Seoul, South Korea; Bangkok, Thailand; Melbourne, Australia; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Johannesburg, South Africa. The foundation expects the partnership to expand to more cities and companies after the first round.
Not a bad move, politically. Hillary doesn't sound that great on global warming and energy issues. Though she certainly sounds a lot more knowledgeable than the Republican Presidential hopefuls, Al Gore and Bill Richardson are the real heavy hitters here. Neither of those two she needs to worry about so far, but who knows, one of these days she might. This announcement buys the Clintons exactly the credibility and time they need.

Oh, yeah, and this plan is actually good thing: freeing up funds for upgrading buildings is absolutely what we need to do.