Excellence in Wingnut/Wanker Science!

Today's winner, AJ Strata who really could be any day's winner, links to Inhofe's "blog" and concludes:
Laymen like Gore are not accustommed to the scientific process. Gore especially could be easily confused trying to liken the scientific debate to that in the Senate - the most votes win: right or wrong. The fact is the debates are fluid and shifting while the scientific community debate the alternatives. Theories come up, gain support, are investigated in detail. Then there are inconsistencies discovered, contradictions to face. A new theory arises and gains support and the whole process repeats. This cycle continues to refine humankind’s knowledge and expertise until the immutable reality appears. Those peddling man-made Global Warming were just jumping on an early and unsubstantiated theory that was at one time popular. Now a better understanding is coming to light. And those wedded to the old models need to ‘move on’ and ‘keep up’.
[emphasis mine]
Uhm. Ever notice how Senator Inhofe is also a "layman"?