Global warming is teh gay

Today's Alternate Reality Planet:
We are the World, We have Two Mommies [Chris Horner]

This piece speaks for itself. It is from Laurie David "To Our Three Daughters", though signed by two women — frankly, I can't imagine anything good coming from "going there", so I won't — Ms. David being a woman most recently known for standing proudly next to Sheryl "Um...It was a joke...yeah, that's it!" Crow to insist that "no serious peer-reviewed scientist disagrees with [her alarmist global warming claims] anymore."
Uhm, yeah. Well, you see, Laurie David, married to Larry David, co-authored a book with Cambria Gordon. Together, these two women have three daughters--Laurie has two, Cambria one. There really is no "there" to go to there.

[Mr Horner being a man most recently known for writing a book thoroughly debunking all global warming science.]

And speaking of Laurie David, we're still waiting for Instapundit's retraction...