More Inhofe Idiocy

Today’s vote was even more meaningless than Senator Bingaman’s Sense of the Senate vote in 2005 which was supported 53-44. Today’s amendment was nothing more than a free vote to make a political statement that ‘I care’ without having to vote on something substantive that will have any effect. It was a vote for an amendment that was clearly not going to pass and would not have granted the Army Corps of Engineers any additional authorities that is does not already possess.
The way I read it, the vote was about one of those "non-skeptic heretic" sorts of "adaptation over mitigation" efforts that anyone--regardless of whether you believe global warming is man-made--could support, because the data are obvious that one way or another the earth is warming and weather patterns are changeing. Inhofe is just so incredibly dense that he feels the need to oppose anything that even mentions weather patterns or climate. Please, someone vote this guy out of office!