Now we're all either hypocrites or dirty f*ckin' hippies

It used to be that only politicians were labelled hypocrites for advocating climate change action while still driving cars and flying in airplanes. Now you, too, can be a hypocrite! Zombietime, an "undercover internet photojournalist" gets some Malkin and Instapundit linklove today, this time not for exposing how dirty all those anti-war protesters look, but for showing that people drive to Al Gore's book tour events! The shocking report:
But wait! What's that behind the crowd? Could it be -- a parking lot? Filled with...cars?

I went to investigate.

On the way, I passed a special exhibit of a customized hybrid that got 100+ miles per gallon. Well alright then! I guess everybody must have driven a hybrid to the event.

Oops. Out in the expansive lot, as far as the eye could see in all directions, were gas-guzzling SUVs. One by one, I watched SUV after sportscar after SUV pulling into the lot, the drivers getting out and invariably heading over to the Gore lecture.

Did they carpool? Were those SUVs a down-sizings from previously-owned larger SUVs? Were the participants personally interested in what Al Gore's book had to say about the media rather than Gore's green initiatives? Who knows, who cares.
Want to see what 2,000 hypocrites look like? Here you go.
Indeed. A handful of SUVs in the parking lot unequivocally proves that each and every participant is nothing more than a HYPOCRITE!

Drive the SUV to the mall? OK. Drive it to an Al Gore book signing? So, so hypocritical! You have a clear choice here: give up on modern society, smell bad, live in a commune--in which case your efforts are in vain since the Chinese are emitting carbon--or be a hypocrite for possibly attempting to reduce your carbon footprint over time in a step-by-step manner that might eventually include purchasing a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

What's striking is that Instapundit and Malkin want to be taken seriously as citizen-journalists exposing media hysteria and "Hollywood" and politicians' hypocrisy when it comes to global warming. Climate change mitigation will eventually require everyone's participation, and it will need to be done in a way that does not burden some far more than others. Rethinking transportation is a large part of that transformation. Calling others hypocrites really isn't doing anybody any good.