ooops, he did it again

Glenn Beck:
First of all, the scientific consensus in Europe in the 1920s and '30s was that eugenics was a good idea. ...

There are people that call global warming deniers -- that's an interesting quote, because I don't even deny global warming is happening -- but people who question global warming, they're called Nazis. They're put right up next to Holocaust deniers.
Comparing Nazi/fascist/Hitler to the global warming issue (on either "side" of the "debate") is stupid and demeaning to the victims of the third Reich. I'm sure Jonah Goldberg and Dennis Prager will soon condemn Glenn Beck for his statements. But simultaneously complaining about it and using the analogy in the same interview?

Of course, stating that the anti-Kyoto crowd uses Soviet style propaganda...

...much more effective! At least as troll-bait.