RCN sucks

Transgression 1:
Send the instalation guy with a digital cable box--one that stopped working after about an hour--even though I explicitly said that I want no more than extended basic cable and internet. Tell the instalation guy he's not allowed to take the box back with him. When I call, say that everything will be taken care of "next week" and I'll not get charged. A few weeks later, my bill has a charge for digital cable--the one that doesn't work and I didn't want in the first place. After two more months of broken promises of picking the damned thing up and having my charges reversed, I reserve a ZipCar to deposit the box at your local office. Don't ask me if I want another box that works.

Transgression 2:
Charge me for the 10 Mbps service, but give me a cable modem that I swear isn't ever capable of more than 2 Mbps in.

Transgression 3 (the one that's important for this blog):
Charge a fee to add an aditional computer onto the service! WTF?
So here's the deal: only one computer is allowed access to the stupid cable modem at a time, but now there are two computers in the household. I'm not going to spend the extra money to buy myself a good cable modem for the next two months. As soon as possible I'll be happy to cancel RCN cable and never ever go back to cable modem service ever again (not even with Comcast, since they're also ripoff artists). Verizon DSL will yet again have our business. Until then, blogging might be severely compromised.