Stop this BS now

Wingnut pr0n:
Clinton, who has warned against global warming from the stump and hyped the need for alternative energy such as ethanol, burned through thousands of gallons of jet fuel swooping along the campaign trail - and it's not clear why she sent an empty plane to wait for her in South Carolina then flew a different jet from Washington the next day.
OMGOMGOMG! Hillary Clinton is a HYPOCRITE! John Edwards is a HYPOCRITE! Barack Obama is a HYPOCRITE! They zip around in fancy jets while endorsing policies designed to force us to live in dark unheated overcrowded apartments.

Unfortunately, Presidential campaigns these days require that candidates be at multiple far-flung locations almost on a daily basis. Also unfortunately, the knuckledraggers who get off on calling candidates "hypocrites" generally tend to support politicians who brought us into a situation where we have very little choices besides air travel for medium distances. The lack of infrastructure investment in this country increased demand for air travel to a point where the skies are so crowded now that any minor event creates a ripple-effect across the system that delays flights for hours on end. So candidates pretty much have to fly on private jets (as opposed to commercial jets) or risk cancelling every other appearance due to "weather" delays.

The choice for voters is not between supposed "hypocrites" and oil-drenched candidates who just want to be fair and allow everyone to continue polluting, it's rather a choice between the following:

a.) A candidate who does what it takes to win soas to propose policies that will reduce our carbon emissions and dependence on foreign oil far more than what was consumed during the campaign with only minimal effects on the economy.


b.) A candidate who will fly on private jets while promoting policies that will keep your SUV stuck in traffic and your flights delayed for hours.

Hmmh. In lieu of the perfect candidate, I guess most of us would choose the former. That having been said, it really would be a refreshing change for one of the Democratic candidates to pop up in a subway or be shown riding a bicycle for a change.