Apartment hunting video blogging

Are there any apartments in New England that don't heat with oil?

It seems that around here, electic heating would be enormously wasteful: coal is heated to produce steam to then turn turbines to make the electricity that's then used to heat the home--long after the original heat used to turn the turbines has been lost. So clearly not many places have that anyway.

Compared to electric, oil heating sounds a bit less wasteful, but only a bit. From what I could find on the internet, bioheat (a mix of 10-20 % vegetable oil in the diesely mix that is heating oil) reduces SO and NOx emissions--a good thing. But it gets refined in Florida?? Sounds like a bad distance for our heat to travel. We're only renters but some places have us buy our own oil, so we can have at least a little bit of a positive impact there.

Gas is not very widespread--at least not in the remodelled older-style places we're looking at. Ho-hum.

What to do? Watch a rap about Vermont: