Maybe it's time to kick Boucher and Dingell out of some of these committees:
The legislation would pre-empt California and 11 other states from implementing laws requiring automakers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across their fleets. The bill would prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from granting the states waivers to put their climate change rules into effect. ...

The move was an ironic twist on a familiar story for California. When Republicans ran the House, they regularly tried to pre-empt the state's laws on food safety labeling, the minimum wage and consumer privacy -- and Democrats often cried foul. But this new effort is being led by some of the Democratic majority's most senior lawmakers. ...

The proposal was written by Rep. Rick Boucher, a Democrat who represents a coal-producing district in southwest Virginia and chairs the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee charged with crafting climate change legislation. The full committee's chairman, Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., a longtime ally of the auto industry, also played a key role in putting together the new legislation.
This stuff can get Democrats in trouble. Congressional Republicans were successfully portrayed as hypocritical industry shills these past years: on the one hand they were all for state's rights, on the other hand they tried to block states from coming up with legislation that they didn't agree with. Though Iraq was the primary driver, this sentiment about Republicans probably helped Democrats win back some seats. Don't mess it up now.