some local matters

First off, it's downright cold here.

But don't tell the denialists, or else we'll hear something to the effect of 'It's been cold in Boston all week, therefore global warming is over!'

Secondly, Mass legislators are set to vote on allowing the gay marriage ban intiative onto the 2008 ballot.

On the one hand, this is a bad ballot measure on the simple grounds that we probably shouldn't be writing things like that into the state constitution. On the other hand, if it does come to voters (and that's very unlikely given that the legislature has to approve it first and there's almost a majority opposed) I don't think it would pass in this state. I'd actually like to see it come to voters and be soundly defeated. Outside of the drawback of having tons of out-of-state money being poured into cheesy commercials for a useless change in the constitution, I think it'd be fun to kick some wingnut ass and let everyone know that things here haven't changed for heterosexuals, but this has vastly improved the quality of life for homosexuals. Bring it on.