Cape Wind

The much sought after "bipartisan" environmental issue has arrived! Supporting Cape Wind is one of the few things Glenn Reynolds, the Blue Mass Group, and Greenpeace can all agree on. Blue Mass Group:
As we breathe in our daily dose of coal toxins living down wind from one of the state's colossal coal piles in Salem along with the unfiltered "grandfathered" emissions this plant and others send us, the wind mocks us as it serves it all up. And we're gripped with horror as greed and coal mining steal the lives of more Americans in Utah, but Utah is not the only place this occurs. Simultaneously, as if to provide punctuation and remind us of the coal connection to global warming,172 coal miners in China are trapped and probably killed when torrential rain flooded a river and overtook their mine.
Meanwhile, just in our part of the planet and at this snapshot in time, there's the day's (hohum) news of flooding in Oklahoma and Texas from tropical storm Erin and deadly monsterstorm Dean (click this one for sure) tearing through the gulf. Don't worry. We'll adapt. It all just pushes the envelope from hypocrisy to outrage. Do Mitt Romney and Senator Ted Kennedy really think all of this is better than seeing the equivalent of toothpicks on the horizon for the folks in Nantucket?
The Greenpeace advertisement running locally:

I don't think it's easy for Senator Kennedy to give up the support of his wealthy neighbors. He probably doesn't care too much about losing contributions to his own campaigns since there will never be a serious challenger to his senate seat. In fact, he might even prefer to throw little Bobby a bone to make his career easier. It's more likely that he's concerned about future young Kennedys running for office and where the money will come from for them. Let's say someone's got a $20 million home that'll lose 10% of its value once toothpicks appear on the horizon. They probably wouldn't be too interested in donating money to a campaign to write off as a tax benefit.

Update: I failed to mention the water / property rights issue. It comes up in the comment thread at Blue Mass, and also here. I've got lots of things to do away from the computer today, so discuss amongst yourselves.