Kevin Hayden:
With a Love Story marriage, having paved the way for the Internet to get rolling bigtime, an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize in his lockbox for promoting awareness of a danger in a way that could yet rescue the entire planet, people want to know what Al Gore plans to do next. [...]

Like Jimmy Carter before him, he’ll be denigrated forever by spiteful rightists, not one of them capable of rising from their pool of venom to achieve 1/10th of the visionary things he’s moved towards fruition. That’s not to say he’s a messiah nor even a saint. But he’s been doing positive things for others since before he entered politics and he’s going to do more still.
Exactly right. Right wing zealots are becoming increasingly irrelevant in the world today and they're mad as hell no one will listen to them. Without further ado, here is a look at the carnage:

Gina Cobb:
So the Nobel Prize committee closes its eyes to the biggest source of violence against innocent civilians in the world today -- Islamic terrorism -- and instead goes searching for debatable problems that haven't necessarily killed anyone yet, but might someday.

Is there nobody on Planet Earth who did anything more important to world peace this year than making a documentary exaggerating the threat to New York City and polar bears?

I can think of one man who has worked hard, against difficult odds, to bring democracy to the Middle East -- which, in turn, may bring lasting peace to many nations. In fact, as a result of his tireless efforts, there are two new democracies in the Middle East already. Literally tens of millions live in freedom who not long ago lived under brutal tyranny.
Right Wing Nut House:
Our climate is changing and thank God for that. About 20,000 years ago, there was an ice sheet a mile thick where I am sitting right now. I daresay if I had been siting in the same place back then, it would have been a tad uncomfortable. But the earth warmed, the glacier receded, and the Great Lakes were created in all their beauty and splendor.

I simply don’t know if the scientists who posit catastrophe are right. I do know that every “sign” pointed to as “proof” their theories are correct by global warming advocates today is not indicative of long term climate change. But I do not reject out of hand the idea that greenhouse gas emissions must be cut in order to prevent (or mitigate) drastic changes in the climate.
Prairie Pundit:
The prize should have gone to Rush Limbaugh or George Bush. At least they are doing something that gives peace a real chance. Their support for victory in Iraq would lead to fewer wars and fewer mass murders. that is why al Qaeda is so violently opposed to it.
Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler (Misha):
Much to absolutely nobody’s surprise, the EUroweenie “Leftist Nutjob of the Year” Award went to the Gorebecile for his outstanding work in creating a work of fiction based on nothing resembling facts, advancing global transnational socialist government and promoting a new religion.
How about some recognition for the scientists of Laputa discovered by Gulliver in the course of his travels? Is it too late to recognize them for their fine efforts to extract sunlight from cucumbers?
Melanie Phillips:
Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Gore— along with the wretched Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change whose own untruths would fill a book — perfectly symbolises a western world that has lost its reason and its capacity to tell truth from lies.
Big Lizards:
I assume that if Gore does decide to run, his entire campaign will more or less revolve around implementing some draconian, Luddite shutdown of industry in order to appease the Globaloney gods. Will that, combined with his status as the angriest dog in the world, be enough to knock Hillary off her pedestal of clay?
Captain Ed:
For a group which hands out prestigious awards in scientific fields, one might think that the Nobel Committee might want to maintain its credibility on real science. It might also consider what this has to do with "peace". The Nobel committee has moved far afield from its original mandate to honor those who actually work to avoid armed conflict or to end it and have simply decided to use their award to promote a distinct political agenda.
Right Wing News:
Believe it or not, the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee has handed out a 2nd Nobel Peace Prize for annoying American conservatives in a mere five years time. Yes, I know that sounds very "high school" of them, but they really are that shallow. In fact, when they gave Jimmy Carter an award back in 2002, despite the fact that he hadn't done much of anything that year to merit it, the Committee Chairman basically admitted what they were doing, [...]

The Goracle's "Let's tweak the American right" award may be even more of a stretch than Carter's given how hard it is to even connect the extremely minimal amount of warming the planet underwent from roughly 1970 to 1998 to world peace.

Part of the problem may be that world politics has made real peace making extremely difficult. [...]

Worse yet, actually using force of arms to make peace between warring parties without the approval of half the world is frowned upon to such an extent that it's not politically correct to support "peace keeping" that goes much beyond, let's say, making wildly inaccurate propaganda films about global warming.
So, who are these five people who think so highly of the U.N. and for whom the world is misled into thinking are simple neutral observers? Four out of them are politicians, and one is a historian with a distinctly European view of the US. [...]

So, five people get together and decide who should get the prize. All five are former politicians or well connected to the Norwegian political establishment. So, why should any one care what they think? I don't.
Gates of Vienna:
An inconvenient truth that Gore has failed to reveal are his low grades in Environmental Science when he was in college. The truth is, looking back at Gore’s life you see a trail littered with lies, including the most infamous fabrication prior to his Chicken Little global warming mythology — his claim that he invented the internet. Sure you did, Al. [...]

Soon this alarmist piece of propaganda will join its ancestors in the memory hole. Remember global cooling in the ’70s? Remember Jimmy Carter wearing his cardigan sweater while he told us that oil was quickly running out and we’d all have to turn our thermostats down? Remember the Club of Rome’s dire predictions about the limits to growth and the coming worldwide famine? Remember Dr. Caldicott’s zealous belief that the nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia was inevitable? All down the fond memory hole — “fond” in Shakespeare’s sense, I mean. [...]

It's unfortunate that Gaia can't sue Gore for slander.

UPDATE: The barrel of right-wing stupidity is bottomless today. Here's some more:

AJ Strata:
Well, if one needed evidence of how far down the path of silliness the Nobel Peace prize has dropped Al Gore is it. The man who’s movie was deemed to be filled with erroneous claims by a British court, and whom even global warming ’scientist’ find embarrassing because of his exaggerations, is now the holder of the Nobel Peace Prize of Exaggeration And Errors. That is the new name of the Peace prize I gather. So Dr Sceinctist Al - explain why the Antartic Ice Sheet is growing at record levels during all this Global Warming? How is that possible? And please explain why NASA scientists are wrong when they determined the shrinking Artic Ice cap was due to winds, not warming (we have not seen any significant rise in temperature in the last decade). And why are so many scientist coming out and debunking the man-made warming myth? Gore is a real Peace Of Work - that is for sure. Well, it won’t help him get elected or Dems. The trend of warming may be reversing itself - which will really muck up all those Chicken Little predictions which have yet to come true. Crying ‘fire’ when there is none tends to make the electorate really angry. I doubt much peace will be coming to the man-made warming fanatics when their credibility is quashed.