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America Receives a Galactic Solution for Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions

(Washington, D.C. – December 19, 2007) The Bush Administration is moving forward with an interplanetary solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from all vehicles--spaceships included. The new energy legislation passed by Congress and consistently supported by Republicans and President Bush this week provides the basis for a future global and interplanetary arrangement that offers environmental benefits, energy security and economic certainty for our world and others. We want the solar system's largest planets, including earth, to be part of a galactic arrangement. An approach in which only some are commiitted to acting cannot be environmentally effective.

"The Bush Administration is moving forward with a clear planetary solution – not a confusing patchwork of local, state, national and international rules – to reduce our climate footprint," said U.S. EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson. "President Bush and Congress have set the bar high, and, when fully implemented, we will achieve significant benefits by spreading economic growth.”

To help achieve this aim, EPA has determined that it can no longer go by its original name, and instead will henceforth be referred to as the "Industrial Protection Agency" or "IPA."

The Clean Air Act requires EPA to follow a process. EPA must provide a public comment and hearing opportunity. The statute also provides three very specific criteria that EPA should evaluate for any California waiver petition.

EPA held two hearings on the waiver request and the comment period began April 30 and closed June 15. The administrator and EPA staff reviewed the more than 100,000 written comments and thousands of pages of technical and scientific documentation received during the public comment period. The comments represented a wide scope of interests including those of states and localities, public health and environmental groups, academia, industry and private citizens.

That's just way too much listening. The agency formerly known as EPA has therefore decided to limit the comments it receives to those of industry and private citizens as long as they work at free-market think tanks. The name change to "IPA" reflects this shift.

The two primary approaches for reducing greenhouse gas emissions are technology and economic growth. We will continue to demand that of our neighbors.