Inhofe's unlimited Science Co.

I haven't been by Inhofe's blog propaganda depot in a while, but since the recent revelation that hoardes of scientists dispute man-made global warming has motivated a number of bright bloggers to take matters into their own hands and re-examine the data [see below], I just had to stop by.
Regular readers know that I am not on any true believer Christmas card lists. But I have been looking into a couple of things lately (which will probably really get some folks angry with me.) I took a look at a bit of data and generated a graph. Then looked at some other data and looked at the graph they generated. To an engineer, these graphs show a trend. But it isn't the one you and I have been hearing from Al Gore and the media. First, data from the Rutgers University Global Snow Lab or GSL. I took the monthly snow cover numbers for the Northern hemisphere directly from their site and plugged it into a spreadsheet. I then generated a graph. No data manipulation was done at all.
Kewl, and then I noticed it's actualy snowing more now than it did years ago. And I bet you Al Gore is also trying to hide the fact that Boston had near record snowfall this December. If people only knew the truth!

Really, though, what's interesting, as Andy Revkin points out, is not the observation that a number of scientists propose different models of varying intensities. What's fun and witty at Inhofe's site is the title of a previous post...Skeptical Scientists Urge World To ‘Have the Courage to Do Nothing' At UN Conference. Have the courage to do nothing. Pure gold.