Global warming is over

That's it. Done. Stick a fork in it.
In the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh, residents said the temperature had fallen to below freezing level -- increasing chances that it might snow, an event Saudis usually only see on television or during travels overseas.

In the neighboring United Arab Emirates, where shops usually do not even sell heaters, snow had been reported earlier in mountainous areas and relentless rain took the country by surprise over the past two days.

Arriving for a visit on Sunday, President George W. Bush carried an umbrella to face the rain at the airport in Abu Dhabi, the UAE's usually hot and sunny capital.
Is this the Bush version of the Gore effect? God smiling on us and our foresight not to join Kyoto?

In the face of mounting evidence to the contrary, however, reality deniers--I don't believe the author includes himself in that category--are attempting a climate-change based cultural revolution that seeks to transform our brightest young minds--those that know when to question scientific consensuses like evolution and the big bang--into Al Gore automatons. Luckily, the adults in this country know how to spot a trend, and that trend is trending our way! Keep up the good work. In conclusion, I offer some encouraging words uttered the other day by the always prescient Rush Limbaugh, who reminds us that the era of negative oil revenue tax rates does not have to be over:
"Figure out what the country needs" and then do it? We know what the country needs already! That's our ace-in-the-hole. One of the things Newt said in this interview was, "Far beyond just how do I subsidize your heating oil, how do I make it unnecessary for you to buy as much heating oil? And there are dramatic things we can do in that conversation." Now, "How do I...?" He means a president, running a campaign, not him. "How do I subsidize your heating oil?" We Republicans are going to talk about subsidizing people's heating oil now, and we're going to call that conservatism? If you want to talk about that, fine! If that's what you want the Republican Party to be, then be that and go ahead and say that's what you want, but don't call it conservatism. "There are dramatic things we can do in that conversation. I want to make it unnecessary for you to buy as much heating oil"? Now, conservation is great, folks. Conservation is great, but conservation does not equal growth. To sit out there and say people need to buy less and less heating oil, okay. Buy natural gas furnace, or any number of things, but if this country has always been about: "You need heating oil? It's going to be there. You need gasoline? It's going to be there."

The burden is not on you to conserve so that it's always there!
Dare I hope that someday a President will come along who includes that phrase in our nation's Constitution?