With Mitt Romney struttin' the biggest carbon footprint at the Reagan library last night--global warming legislation will ruin our economy, blah, blah, fear! blah, blah--you'd think that at least the place where he said those things would resist the hippie socialist sustainability crap, and be a shrine to the altar of cheap coal. Not exactly [PDF]:
The Ronald Reagan Library is proving that sustainability makes economic sense. While reducing its carbon footprint, it’s also conserving natural resources. The UTC Power PureComfort® systems will reduce this library’s carbon footprint by 1,400 tons each year. To achieve the same positive environmental impact, 300 acres* of forest would need to be planted. The power generated by a megawatt of PureComfort® systems saves over 4 million gallons of water each year that would otherwise be wasted by conventional electrical generation. That’s enough water to fill more than 6 Olympic-size swimming pools. Water conservation is especially important as humanity battles to conserve precious water resources. Reduction of harmful emissions like nitrogen oxides (NOx), is yet another environmental benefit of PureComfort® system technology. NOx emissions will be reduced at the Ronald Reagan Library by 10 tons each year, which equates to the same environmental benefit as removing 500 cars from the road.
There's some hippie-talk for you!