New rule:

It has come to our attention that this place will have to be PG-13 from now on. Strictly enforced. Also, no satire from now on. Strictly enforced.

....[whistling, gazing up into the sky]...

OK. Can't resist.

It snowed in Baghdad today and that means the surge is working! Iraqis are going out to frolic in the snow rather than blowing each others brains out! Yippee! It's verily a sign from God, personally reaching down from the heavens to congratulate Bush--shortly before his "surprise" visit to the country--on the combined success of the surge and reversing global warming. Wait, what's that? Someone's blaming Booooosh?
Of course the leftards never miss an opportunity to bash BUSHCHIMPHITLUH here:
It's very rare," he said. "Baghdad has never seen snow falling in living memory.

"These snowfalls are linked to the climate change that is happening everywhere. We are finding some places in the world which are warm and are supposed to be cold."
STFU already
Indeed. Who is this leftard anyway? Al Gore? Or perhaps Hitlery KKKlinton?
The director of the meteorology department, Dawood Shakir, told AFP that climate change was possibly to blame for the unusual event.
How'd that eco-whacko-jihadi escape from Abu Ghraib?

Back to the leftards, though [censorship of the rottweiler mine]:
Yup. It’s a sure sign of the on-set of The Great GlowBull Atmospheric Firestorm™. Surely The Consensus™ predicted that snow would be falling in Baghdad, shortly after those 12,000+ Eco-Fascists™ flew into Bali on their private & chartered jets?

And to all of the gloom ‘n’ doom, America-hating, lose-at-all-costs Dhimmicrats out there (Yeah, we’re lookin’ at you, Murthaf***er, Reid, Pelosi, et al.), we dedicate this next excerpt to you:

[...insert description of happy Iraqis frolicking in the snow...]

It’s pretty sad when the people in the middle of a war zone have a far more positive outlook on their own situation than the terrorist-coddling Leftist f***tards half a world away.
Proving once again that the anti-idiotarian rottweiler is undeniably the best source of wingnut amusement around. Plus, I've learned at least a half dozen new insults in a few short, easy to read sentences! Who could possibly improve on that?

Noel Sheppard can:
Now, you would think that cold weather in areas that normally don't experience such would be evidence that global warming isn't happening, right?


You see, what the alarmists - led of course by Nobel Laureate Al Gore - have brilliantly done is renamed the bogeyman "climate change" such that anything that occurs on this planet dealing with weather exemplifies the threat they avow will destroy us all if we don't stop burning fossil fuels
Right. Frank Luntz Al Goreacle, in a memo to the alarmists, came up with that term to sow confusion over the growing consensus against the hysteria. Brilliant!