Don't worry, be happy!

Cato of IPCC past: The climate models are inaccurate. Don't do anything until we're certain and the debate has been settled.

Cato of IPCC present: Don't worry, be happy!
Ancillary benefits of adaptation focussed on reducing vulnerability to malaria and hunger include better health, increased economic growth, and greater human capital, which should advance human well-being and the capacity to address a much wider variety of problems.
Think of all the jobs that will be created by the engineering projects needed to mitigate the risks of flooding!

Cato of IPCC future: No one could have predicted that the economic forecasts incorrectly relied on a worldwide smooth transition to the "richest but warmest" state we needed to effectively counter the negative effects of climate change. Unfortunately, that means no one is capable or willing to implement those shiny new technologies now. Ooops.