Friday night release

My man Markey's is gettin' kinda snarky:
Given Decision to Protect Polar Bear Habitat, Bush Administration Decides to Drill It Full of Holes Instead
Heh. I'd have said something like 'Bush administration decides to save polar bear by drilling in its habitat'. After all, they keep telling us that preventing overhunting oil drilling on the North Shore helped to increase Caribou numbers; and what works for Caribou might work for the bear as well!

Though I expected an announcement on the Friday before Super Tuesday, the beauty of having the deadline lapse on Super Tuesday and announcing the oil lease sale the morning after Super Tuesday goes beyond even what we've come to expect from the Bushies. It was so exquisitely timed that I don't believe I saw any enviro-blog post it on Tuesday. We'll certainly miss these antics when they're gone!