Good bye. For now.

If you hadn't noticed, I've not been posting recently. Not even at Grist. At first it was kinda weird, now I must have gotten somewhat used to it because I'm not really missing it as much as I had feared.

That'll change eventually. Until then, I won't hold it against anyone to take this site off of the blogroll. Once I get some of the monkeys off my back, I'll start at Grist and work my way back here. Maybe another month or two. We'll see. Don't stay tuned.

...Update: OK, OK, Chris, I've not quit entirely. When the mood strikes (meaning when something drops into my inbox that's too good to resist), I post it here. It's a little odd waiting for an editor to read through my post before sending it to the back of the cue, but it's worth a try while I'm busy in meatspace. I need to feel excitement about this place again before heading back to posting here. That'll come. Eventually. I'll let everyone know when that is.