Has anyone ever tried this?

Food entrainable oscillator goes big time.
It's been known for years that the brains of many organisms incorporate a 'circadian clock,' a biological timekeeping mechanism that connects the body's rhythms to external light levels. The clock helps the body sync with changing daylight conditions -- a trick that can be used in conjunction with exposure to bright lights to help readjust the body's internal clocks to combat jet lag. Writing this week in the journal Science, researchers report that mice seem to have a second, independent circadian clock that connects to food consumption -- and it can overrule the regular light-based clock.
I know for me personally I don't really mind the waking up at what feels like the wrong time of day part of jetlag. What really gets me, though, is trying to eat when I don't want to or not finding any food around when I'm hungry in my new time zone.

Has anyone ever actually tried to adjust their internal clock to a different time zone before leaving on a trip? I haven't tried it yet, but I don't know if I'd be able to forgo eating for that long before a flight, especially something like a red-eye transatlantic flight.

Adding: This headline is probably taking things a bit too far!