Sen. McWindturbine

This is the most frightening image known to Republicans:

Their candidate standing in front of wind turbines and blaspheming the "free market". He may as well have stated his intention to convert to Islam, become a French citizen and perform regular abortions on the south lawn if elected President. This is something that is all but permanently enshrined in the Republican party platform: though shalt not interfere with the practice of burning as much crude oil and coal as possible.

Supposedly this move on McCain's part is meant to circumvent Democratic superiority on this issue in the minds of voters. And sadly, some of us have taken the bait by explaining how McCain's plan falls short in the details. But the voters don't want to hear details.

There's one single thing that will make sense to everyone about McCain's stance on global warming: Bush also promised action while he campaigned in 2000. After election, McCain, like Bush before him, would have to bow to his party's demands. The "free market" solution would then continue to rely on war and economic malaise to weaken the dollar and foist high gasoline prices on an American public utterly unprepared and unable to resort to alternatives to driving long distances in gas-guzzling behemoths.

What is it voters ought to fear most? Some highly conjectured arguments about paying for scrubbers in China, or how the "free market" has screwed the average American thus far and will not cease screwing us if we're stupid enough to continue electing Republicans?