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A.J. Strata, how we admire your keen insights:
Well it seems we may have an answer to why the Arctic water temperatures were rising and the ice was melting - massive undersea volcanoes.
AJ is referring to this article, which reports:
PARIS (AFP) - Recent massive volcanoes have risen from the ocean floor deep under the Arctic ice cap, spewing plumes of fragmented magma into the sea, scientists who filmed the aftermath reported Wednesday.

The eruptions -- as big as the one that buried Pompei -- took place in 1999 along the Gakkel Ridge, an underwater mountain chain snaking 1,800 kilometres (1,100 miles) from the northern tip of Greenland to Siberia.
Of course that means Fuck you Al Gore! It's the volcanoes, not global warming!!!

And we know that for a fact because we've been measuring eruptions under the arctic ice sheet for decades now and only in 1999, when melting really began...

...Or maybe it was 2003; but it takes some time for the pot to come to a boil...

Real-time imagery of volcanoes exploding underneath the arctic ice sheet.

...is when the volcano erupted.

Hold on. This just in!
In 1995 the US Navy and National Science Foundation cooperatively developed the Science Ice Exercises (SCICEX), a five-year programme supported by nuclear-powered Sturgeon-class submarines to study the ice canopy, oceanography, biology and geology of the Arctic basin.
Clearly, we know for a fact that these sorts of eruptions have never happened before our time. I mean, they're volcanoes after all. They just kinda form out of nothing and start erupting whenever they feel like it.

Next week: Dramatic evidence of deep sea creatures causing the arctic to melt: