The church of coal

These days I try to stay away from commenting on teh stupid found on wingnut blogs--preferring instead to comment on editorials and politicians--but the flesh of my fingertips is often too weak to resist National Review's Planet Gore:
Just back from a Baltic Sea cruise that provided an interesting perspective on “Green” Europe.

Passing through the Kiel canal in northern Germany — which shortcuts Denmark by linking North Sea shipping traffic to the Baltic — one is immediately struck by the forests of windmills.
Denmark. Forests. Wind. It reminds me of...
I am but mad north-northwest: when the wind is southerly I know a hawk from a handsaw.

...Sadly, the internet hath no fury but a wingnut scorned by the secular humanist church of Al Gore:
While Germany hasn’t had an official state religion since the 15th century, the presence of windmills is evidence of the strong union of Green Church and state.

Interestingly, this throwback to state religion has also brought a return to the European skyline of yore: horizons peppered with windmills. Yes, the new models are sleeker than the old wood variety, but they are a symbol of how deeply Germany is in the grip of Greens who want a return to a "pre-industrial nirvana."
Or maybe the church of lignite was asking for a wee bit high of a tithe on the towns just a few kilometers south of that canal so they figured why not worship the pre-industrial-fascosatan WIND for a few decades...