No worries, Barry, we won't take you to our North Sea platforms. Instead, we have 'die Kunst'!

By now it's pretty clear John McCain canceled the trip that was supposed to overshadow Barack Obama's speech not because of a few isolated thunderstorms hundreds of miles away from hurricane Dolly, but because of a slightly off-message backdrop.

The real question is: who comes up with this shit? Oil rigs are loud, dirty, flaregas-spewing things in the middle of an unforgiving ocean. And the ports of entry for the crude oil usually aren't much better. Places like these should be the last a presidential campaign ought to visit: not even the bloggers the American Petroleum Institute invited onto their platforms brought back pretty pictures to show. They're necessities of modern life, and that's why most of us turn a blind eye to the minor spills and malfunctions that happen there all the time. It kinda makes you wonder if these people really believe the crap they're trying to feed us:

Obamamania in Berlin