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Wingnut bait:
GOODBYE air pollution and smoky chimneys, hello brighter days. That's been the trend in Europe for the past three decades - but unfortunately cleaning up the skies has allowed more of the sun's rays to pierce the atmosphere, contributing to at least half the warming that has occurred.

Since 1980, average air temperatures in Europe have risen 1 °C: much more than expected from greenhouse-gas warming alone.

Sundries Shack:
I mean, who doesn’t like clean air?

I’ll tell you you who doesn’t like it. The Earth. The Earth doesn’t like clean air, at least not quite as much as Woodsy the Owl and that crying Indian led us to believe.

And your children and grandchildren are probably going to want it just a little bit dirty because, as it happens, clean air seems to contribute heavily to global warming. [...]

My guess is that in thirty years we’ll look back and find that this study is where the Cult of Climate Change well and truly jumped the shark. From today, their explanations are only going to get more ridiculous and hard to believe.
Don Surber:

So the problem with the SUV is not that it emits carbon dioxide (which is an essential ingredient to plant life) but rather its catalytic converter.

We’ve made the air too clean.

And remember how we banned spray-on deodorants because of global cooling in the 1970s?

That worked.

Too well. [...]

Look, it does not take a rocket scientist to realize that these people do not know what the hell they are talking about.
Once again we see that there is the farthest thing from a consensus on how human activity affects the climate — if it does at all. The only sure thing is that the climate will always change. Nonetheless the global warming hoax marches forward, as the governmedia self-servingly assures us that only totalitarian measures and a radical reduction in our standard of living can save the planet from cataclysmic doom.
The Earth doesn't like clean air? We banned spray-on deodorants because of global cooling?!? And of course the obligatory: bloggers are smarter than scientists!

Holy. Fucking. Shit. That's just too brilliant to say anything more about!

Next up from the world of science:
Pacific nations threatened with disappearing beneath the waves as sea levels rise have been given a partial reprieve – for a few decades at least. But Europe and North America could be at much greater risk of floods than previously appreciated.
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