More wingnut bait

The WSJ editorializes today about how the envirowhackofasco Democrat Congress is shuttin' down the lights and lockin' the doors while Real-Man-Republicans are fighting for the people:
For years, hyperactive environmentalists have burned votive candles to the spirit in the sky, hoping she'd levitate energy prices high enough to make alternatives to oil economically feasible. That day has come. Result: The oil has hit the fan. [...]

Fearful of an up-or-down vote on drilling for oil in, of all places, our own country, the Pelosi House and Harry Reid's Senate shut down Congress. House Minority Leader John Boehner calls drilling the greatest issue Republicans have had in his political lifetime.
Fuck yeah! It's so important, Boehner took valuable time out between the seventh and eighth holes to make that statement:
According to Capitol Briefing, Pershing's blog, Boehner " has found time to squeeze in a couple rounds of golf. Scores reported by Boehner himself to a United States Golf Association site show that he posted an 85 sometime this week at his home course, Wetherington Golf & Country Club in West Chester, Ohio."
Effete elitist Democrats are obviously out of touch with the people: we want our own little oilpatch to keep our SUVs well-fed, and Republicans are working their asses off passing out tire pressure gauges to make that a reality.
Republicans shouldn't settle for making the world safe for SUVs.
Why settle for saving the SUV when you can make up catchy-sounding slogans!
Virtue aside, here's the biggest problem with Sen. Obama and Democratic enviromania: It's a risky roll of the dice with the U.S. economy.

The economy we've got works. We know that carbon makes the U.S. economy run like a Swiss watch (transportation, distribution, production, commuting). The bet between carbon inputs and growing American outputs is virtually 1:1. [...]

Republicans this fall should push their argument beyond drilling. Drilling is mainly a proxy for one's understanding of the U.S. economy. The Democrats and Mr. Obama showed this week they are so in thrall to Al Gore's big climate bet that they'd risk having a slow-growth economy. The GOP should run on High Growth America as a better bet than Democratic Slow Growth.
The last 8 years of the Al Gore Presidency have been a disaster for the American economy. We have to put up our best fight to save us from the enviro-maniacal-whacko-messianic-islamo-fasco menace.
Instead of enviro-messianism, they should propose a drill-to-transition for whatever energy source can prove it works at a nonsacrificial price -- shale, coal gasification, nuclear, solar or some combination. (Windmill farms are a pox on the land.)

Don't be oil-industry deniers. Mr. Obama and Rep. Pelosi want to hammer and punish the only players on the field who actually know how to put massive amounts of energy on the grid. Don't we want them using their resources to drill here, rather than off in some godforsaken place producing gushers of cash for people who want to pound us into a hole? We need Smart Oil on our side for at least 10 years.
Oil-industry deniers hate Smart Oil. Democrats are DOOMED if Republicans use that one this fall!