Sir Oolius fer Vahs Preznit

That's it. I'm done with the Democrat party. Republicans have shown yet again that they are a party of the people by plucking someone out of the wilderness and makin' them look good on the teevee. Having lived out in the wilds of Portland Oregon myself, I can identify with this and I'd like to think that I too could be a successful candidate for office. It's simple, really, to get a chance to run for and hold two of the world's most powerful positions for the next 16 years. All I'd have to do is tell everyone how much I hate Warshington and all the power and things that the gubmint does. They'd even write a speech for me making me out to be just like Harry Truman! Hell, they'd prolly help me creatively mispronounce my name like they did for that guy down in Louisiana. It's awesome.

What do the Democrats have to offer? Nothin' but high-falutin' effete arugula-eatin' elitism! They simply don't understand the intensity of hundreds of sweaty writhing heartlanders rapturously chanting in unison "Drill Baby Drill." All in a wholesome Christian sort of way that appeals to the humble people of this land, of course.

That's why I say: Sir Oolius in 2012! Take Warshington from the insiders and give it back to people who really know how to pull the trig(ger). Only Republicans can do that!