We want it, awl...

...and we want it now!
Absent provisions to stop abusive litigation, the bills Democrats support will not lead to oil production. Any serious energy plan would encourage the development of alternative and renewable fuels, and open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the OCS and the Western U.S. to drilling. It also would put a stop to never-ending litigation. But that's not what Democratic leaders are offering.
Democrats passed a bill in the House that would allow for expanded domestic drilling. Throughout this process, the oil industry and their puppets in Congress Republicans have been spewing out reasons why they do not want to support this legislation. Even though until shortly before it was brought up, we were supposed to believe that drilling was the most important issue of all times! First, they were opposed to not being allowed to drill in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico, then they said they needed to come much closer to the shore, then they started getting pissy about not being allowed to bribe state officials the oil lease revenue going to a federal renewable energy subsidy.

Are we starting to get the picture now? Would it be Florida that is the easiest place to get to significant quantities of oil, fast? They're trying to fuck Florida without ever having to come out and say "Fuck You, Florida!" I would love for it to be true that the Environmental Lobby™ wields so much clout in Washington as to stop bills from passing and initiate endless lawsuits on behalf of critters everywhere. But they're not. As we've seen time and time again, the industry--in this case the oil industry, but others have done the same--is hiding behind the threat of the big bad Envirowhacko strawman, when the real opposition to drilling would likely come from mom-and-pop restaurant, motel and store owners, retirees, and just everyday regular Republican voters who don't want to see their investments lose value. So can we please stop the bullshit now and just admit that Republicans want to lose Florida?