Earthday Wineblogging

We're all about the earth here at SFWHOW. And in the spirit of sacrificing everything we hold dear to Obamgaia, tonight our special Earthday Wineblogging is all about an 88 acre plot of earth just outside Chateauneuf du Pape, some of the earthiest earth you'll find on Earth. In fact, the earth hits you like it's under your chest from the hooter to the tooter on this one. Rodolphe de Pins literally tried to move heaven and earth from his telegraph post in CdP, but he might not have taken enough topsoil with him.

In the end, the Craigslist murder, the Bruins, and especially Tom Menino are all just background noise when sipping this Wednesday wine:
Southern Rhone wines (outside of CdP wines) are always a great value when it comes to a week-night dinner; maybe for Wednesday night when I only have time to grab a whole roasted chicken from Safeway.
We'll be visiting some of our Philly Bloggah Boyz these next few days and, oh yeah, then there's work. Luckily I love where I work and the people I work with. So for my reader, hang in there, the salt of the earth will be back here soon.