Party like it's 1773!

A couple of quotes from Boston teabaggers:
What a great response to our Nation’s Constitutional Rights.. Taxation without Representation! My ? is who do they Represent? Not Me! I also noticed the Heritage Foundation Group will be speaking, please be careful of their agenda or anyone else’s not being true to what is really trying to be expressed in Massachusetts and all across the Country.. I myself am fed up with the status quo.. I don’t know who’s heritage the Heritage Foundation represents, I went on their website, it made me nervous, alot of what we already have, please be very, very careful as their are wolves in sheep’s clothing out there, really working for the same group of people who already are in charge of the country.. I call them the Invisible Man Force or The Real Money Manipulators. I myself want things to be different, which is going back to our Country’s basics. Now, that would really be different, actually honoring our Constitution and Bill Of Rights. Please, be careful, stay focused on no more taxes for City, State, Federal. BE SAFE! Love and Peace,Mylene


You can count me in. I’m plenty pissed and tired of standing back and taking the tea our tax and spend liberal state is pouring. Tired of the answer to every problem being “just raise taxes”. Tired of waiting for our suspended 5% rollback to be completed. Tired of paying blood money to pork projects and waste. I’m tired of the socialist state of massachusetts telling me what I can and can’t do.

I’ve always been a working man. Earned every penny and paid in full for what little I have in life. 30 years of busting my butt for a living. I’m old and tired. I’ve had enough. No health insurance. No more fluffed bank account. A bad heart and a sore back.

I refuse to be blackmaled by the tax collector for taxes I don’t owe. So my drivers license can not be renewed. I drive my car anyway. I’ve spent every last penny on medication and doctor bills. They won’t give me health insurance because of my medical condition. The state wants to surcharge my taxes. I REFUSE to pay it. For the first time in 30 years I am a tax resister. I will not file my 2009 state taxes. I refuse to be part of the socialists party. I will walk to work if I have to. I refuse to pay for more pork with a new gas tax. But I will drive my towncar to Boston and dump tea all day.

All the representatives and all the senators beg to if you seek amy. Well if you seek ayou.