Wednesday wine--and tea--blogging

The first evah Boston Tax Tea Bagholders' Party was a smashing success. In the spirit of going Galt, the huge silent-no-more-! majority did not show up. Can we have Kris Mineau back for Patriot's Day? That'd be so personal freedom and responsibility.

And now to beverage-blogging Wednesday. Dragon Well tea is better than crack. It keeps the entire lab energized all afternoon. Fuck yeah. Our brains are thinking about what our brains are doing while we're, you know, thinking about what our brains are thinking about. And what we're thinking about is capitalism. Just look at all the happily employed tea plantation workers (Fig. 1, right). All thanks to the low taxes and limited government in China.

The scene is quite different at our featured wine, Trimbach, made by the socialists in France. And let me tell you, those Trimbach folks are, like, so-shall-ists. Just drop by their place and they'll tell you all about it! And it shows. No one is working the vienyards (Fig. 2, left). I suspect that all the unionized illegal immigrants have decided to do what they do best and take the vintage off to engage in gay socialised abortions. What could come of that? Wines from this producer are highly idoelogical. Like Obama, they usually start out sweet and innocent, with an early gritty, earthy appeal. But behind this veil of bipartisan goodwill lies an air of fascism. These wines take everything you hold dear to you and spend it to marginalize and demean you. Like every good libruhl, it too starts out looking like a real value, but beware: once you've gotten used to its deceptive notes the prices are raised. Why, I remember when a good bottle of Trimbach could be had for just under $10. Now that it's popular, you can't find this one under $20. This is not the free market, no matter how artsy-fartsy their labels have become.